HR Happy Hour Podcast Nov 2016


PODCAST – HR Happy Hour 265 – Women in HR Technology

HR Happy Hour 265 – Women in HR Technology

Hosts: Steve Boese

Guest: Bianca McCann, VP, HR Expert Network Cloud HCM, SAP

Listen to the show HERE

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve Boese is joined by Bianca McCann, VP of the HR Expert Network for Cloud HCM at SAP to talk about the recent Women in HR Technology Summit that was held at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago in early October.

Bianca shared her insights on the Women in HR Tech Summit, the importance of framing these issues in the organization as business challenges and business opportunities, and not just HR programs or ‘we should do this because it feels right’ activities. Diversity should be looked at as a business imperative and the way to actually move the needle in the organization is to look for root causes, and set about addressing these causes.The key is to bring facts and data to the table, and think through the problems in a manner that is similar to taking on all kinds of business challenges.

We also talked about the real business benefits from more diverse workplaces in the areas of innovation and growth or market share, the idea of the Illusion of Truth, the importance of listening to what the organization is saying about these issues, and some practical steps that organizations can take right away to become better and more inclusive workplaces, particularly for women in technology roles.

You can listen to the show on the show page HERE, or by using the widget player below, (Email and RSS subscribers click through)


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