Three short predictions for HR in 2016

In case you missed my guest spot today on Voice America’s Game Changer radio, here are just three of my many predictions for HR in 2016 :
1) Transparency in Talent Management 

HR organizations will need to re-craft HR staples end to end . Secret HR processes around Talent Identification, Performance Assessment, Career Development and most of all Succession Planning will start becoming a lot less secretive in 2016. I predict that HR teams will spend 2016 on the design of more transparent talent processes and use 2017 as the launch year for these newly crafted approaches.  Trailblazing companies who are already practicing transparency in talent practices will be sought out for insight and lessons learned by those looking to join the transparency movement.

2) “HR Appification” 

In 2016 we will see mobile app usage continue to surge, and specifically HR applications will make a regular appearance in our daily lives as employees. These apps will be designed to put the power into the hands of employee and manager , and won’t be designed just for the HR user. HR apps will be the norm for everything from gathering feedback,  conducting pulse checks, promoting individually relevant  ( and highly gamified) learning and training, routine basics like tracking time and attendance,  and next generation uses such as  promoting employee health and wellness.

3)  Its time to get SaaS-y –

Experts and Analysts say that HR tech cycles run in in about 5-7 year increments, this means in 2016 we can expect a cycle of new HCM Cloud buyers.  These integrated HR management systems organization will help organization become more agile, efficient , and transparent. For HR professionals, we can  (finally) reap the rewards of rapid fire innovation that has been sometimes illusive in the days of on premise customization . The ROI of these HRMS investments can be seen quickly  and evidenced initially with (a lot) less administrative burden on HR departments . With all that time on our hands in HR we will finally have space to do strategic work, and focus on pressing things like developing and harnessing HR analytics to drive better decisions throughout the business.  Let’s get SaaS-y!


Bianca E. McCann, MHRIR

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23/52 - It is useless to have tools if you don't have skills.




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